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We start at the beginning

I suppose I should say hello to the wide world out there.

For many years now I've refused to join the modern world and reveled in my techno phobic ways. Not that I view technology as a bad thing. There are many things it can do to improve our lives. But there are also many things technology can do to steal our time and our health. And so I ignored it until recently when a web redesign was thrust upon myself.

This website and this blog are in their infancy. There may be sections that aren't fully completed just yet. I apologize for this and promise that I'll pull my proverbial thumb out and stop slacking (even though procrastination has been shown to be a survival trait).

First, a bit about myself. I'm an American and an Osteopath who is currently living in Scotland. There are many good things about where I now live. It's biggest downside is that there's far too little Sun (see why I take a regular Vit D3 supplement). I have a phenomenal wife who is far better than I deserve. 5 lovely children. Depending on how life is going I also have dalmatians, guinea pigs, chickens and although I haven't gotten there yet, I'm aiming to get a couple sheep and a milking cow.

I have simple dreams...

As you can see, I've got big plans. This blog is one of them. I've spent the last few decades studying up on health. Starting first with Osteopathy and Cranial. Moving into adjacent health paradigms with Psychiatry and Counseling. My current interest is in Genetic Counseling and Functional Medicine.

There's a reason I called the website The Reading Osteopath. This is because I spend a good portion of my day reading. I spend an hour a day reading a new fiction book. I spend a good half an hour reading Scriptures. And I spend another half an hour every day reading up on the latest research that is coming out. I try my best to keep current by forging relationships with some of the top names in their fields (r.i.p. Leon Chaitow, I'll miss our online discussions).

I have every intention of sharing my thoughts on my daily studies with you here (and hopefully a bit of myself). As such I would like to make something clear. The musings and the research that I put in here isn't a substitute for an official consultation with a registered healthcare practitioner. They are not to be construed as direct medical advice and shouldn't be used as actionable in your life without the aforementioned consultation. My thoughts here are to stir discussion and ultimately to enable you to get to know your body a little better.

So hello world. This'll be fun.


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