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Covid has changed everything... for now.

I've been postponing, writing this post for a while now. In part, because everything was in a constant state of flux. But also because that flux meant that the government and our governing bodies haven't really stepped forward to tell us exactly where we stood as osteopaths and our ability to practice.

Today, more concrete advice came out from the Institute of Osteopathy. I would like to clarify that it is still possible that this could change at any moment. Minds may change. Our remit could shrink down to nothingness. It could expand to cover a lot more. Feel free to phone me to get the most up to date information possible, as I, like most osteopaths, have been obsessively checking to see where we stood and what we should do.

I'm copying the text from the following link from the Institute of Osteopathy:

I am familiar with the current Covid infection control advice and am fit and well. As such I will be doing the following:

  • Explore other ways of caring for patients (online, telephone).

  • Reduce practice to only the very necessary or urgent treatments.

  • Follow infection control advice.

If necessary, I will consider the following:

  • Offer to take up work within the NHS, which may involve temporarily suspending your private practice.

My overriding concern is that people remain safe. If we can also ensure that other health maladies outside of Covid are seen to, then all the better.

Please phone me if you have any questions on 07847 128096. I appreciate your patience in these trying circumstances.

Here's further communication from all relevant registrative and governmental bodies.

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